Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March 3, 2014

I can't beleive it's March. Really, crazy how time flies.

Tuesday morning I arrived in Iquique at about 9ish. My companion picked me up from the TurBus station with another hermana who was waiting for her companion. Hermana Palomino is... I don't even know how to explain her. Just hillarious. She's from Argentina, and when people say that Argentine's have pride, they're not kidding. Seriously. But her country pride is just funny, so it's all good.

Our sector is a little flaide (like sketchy, gangstery), which is completely different from Los Pimientos, but it's way cool. I like the people here. They're friendly and fun. 

While trying to visit an investiagator who wasn't there, I contacted her nephew that answered the door. I told him that we had a message for him. He said that he was newly baptized in the Pentacostl church, which I said, well can we just teach you just a little. He was interested and said we could return.

So we came back the next day and talked with him and his mom. His name is Frank, and he's really interested in religion, and wants to feel closer to God. A different day we shared with him the Restoration and the video of Joseph Smith. The dogs kept barking and moving, but during the first vision, everything was still. He watched amazed. We told him that this is true, and we too can receive answers from God if we ask in faith. He said that we could come back and that he wanted to come to church with us :)

We also have a mamita for food here, so I'm being well fed everyday, which i'm not sure is such a good thing.

Just a small story to show the tender mercies of God,
Before coming to Iquique some Hermanas told me to visit a Hermana Yayi. They told me we had to visit her or she'd come visit us. She's an RM and loves the missionaries. We went to visit her and had an intersting time. She talks and talks and talks and paces around her house. she also has a handicapped son that runs around and claps and laughs and tried to steal my chapstick a number of times. It was hard to pay attention as she was talking so fast and her screensaver was a rotaion of temples. I was waiting for my temple to come up when Jans, her son stood in front so I couldn't see. I sulked to myself for a second, until he moved. It was the Provo, Utah temple. Next, it was the Palmyra, New York temple. I couldn't believe my luck, when next the Newport Beach, California temple. I knew in that moment that Heavenly Father loves me and was mindful of me. I decided that if he cared enough about me to let me see the temples I love, something so small and insignificant, that he loves hermana Yayi just as much. I turned my attention to her, and learned that she loves music and we had a great conversation about Handel's Messiah. 

God loves us and watches over us, even in the smallest ways. Don't forget to look for the small things. They're all from him. Have a lovely week!

Hermana Richardson

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