Wednesday, April 23, 2014

February 10, 2014

I have been on my mission for 5 months! Crazy how time flies. I feel like I just got to Chile.

Maty is still in Arica, Alberto gets back from the mine this week, and we have been having an amazing time teaching Yozlin. She already knows she is going to be baptized, we are just teaching all the lessons to make sure she's fully prepared.

Last night we taught her the ten commandments using hand signals to remember them all. By the end  everyone was doing the hand signals and reciting the commandments. It was a fun time.

There was a big catholic celebration this week for the Virgen de la Candelaria, so there was a gigantic Feria all week on the street next to our apartment. There were way more people out then usual, especially at night, with drums and traditional dancing going on right outside our window. It was great to get into the culture, but not so great that they went on until about 2 in the morning. However, there were tons of people, so we made tons of contacts. Success. I was also able to buy tons of delicious fair like foods being sold all along the street, like manjar filled churros,salchipapa ( french fries covered in onions and hot dogs), corn on a stick like in Nacho Libre, giant meaty shishkabobs, empanadas, jello, churasscas. Lots of great foods that I'm going to make all the time in the future :)

We have really felt led by the spirit lately. A lot of people we visited told us how they had been feeling down, and had thought of us, then almost immedietely we had showed up. I love that God knows the small needs of each individual person. I feel so blessed to be an insrtument that he can use for his purposes. It feels great recognizing when our path or a lesson had really been guided by the Spirit. God knows us each personally and will give us the things we need. However we do need to ask with faith as well :)

I was able to give my testimony of missionary work in church yesterday for the missionary work program, and i talked on the impact that members have on the people that we work with. I challenged them to go out of the comfort zone to love and invite others. Just simple things like a phone call, a note, cookies, a lunch, an invitation. Small things that can really help others feel loved. And thats what the gospel is all about, love! I hope you can all be able to feel the love this week, I know I will! My savior's love for me and the people in Los Pimientos :) I love missionary work!

Hermana Richardson
Salchihpapa, with a completo in the background

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