Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March 17, 2014

Feliz Día de Santo Patricio! They don't celebrate St. Patrick's day here, but I wore green anyway, and put green dye in my yogurt and my juice and ate some honeydew melon.

We taught lots of less actives this week, and María quite a few times. Earlier we taught her the law of chastity, which was a little hard, as right now she is living with a less active member. But it went better than we thought, as she came with us to the Relief Society Activity and church on sunday.

Sunday was a crazy day. The morning was beautiful. The sun was bright and happy as we went to pick up investigators and were lovingly greeted at the door by different ward members (Best calling ever for helping investigators!) We sat and so many greeted us and our investigators. We felt so much love. The meetings were great and I learned a lot.

Later that day we were standing in the bathroom waiting for my companion, to then go to ward council. I thought Hermana Cordova had started hitting the counter as it started to shake. We then realized that the shaking wasn't stopping and it was powerful. We ran out into the hall where everyone was stopped. The shaking went for a about 2 minutes and then stopped and we went into ward council. After everyone called families to make sure everything was okay, we started. We got about a minute in when we heard a siren outside. Everyone was still. It was the Tsunami siren. One of the young women opened the door, looked at her mom and said,

"Tsunami. Vamos"

Everyone grabbed their things and ran. Us four missionaries sat and looked at each other like, what do we do? Hermana Frost mentioned the Mamita. Yeah yeah the Mamita, and we ran out. We speed walked up the hill towards the Mamita and watched people start leaving their houses and other taking colectivos (taxis) up the hills. We reached the Mamita where the Assistents told us to stay, and we were there all afternoon wacthing families and people hurry upwards with bags and other things. It was the weirdest thing. The news said the earthquake had been a 7.

We eventually went back to our pension (it's in a safety zone), brought the elders at the church blankets and sandwhiches, layed blankets on the ground for the other hermanas who live close to the ocean who stayed with us that night. I felt more earthquakes in the middle of the night, the biggest was around 5 grades. And according to the mamita who watches the news, there had been about 90 different small ones. 

What can I learn from this? God comforts and gives us hope. Yes, I was scared and wanted to cry and hug my mom, but I knew everything would be okay. I knew He would protect me, I knew that whatever happened it would be according to His will.

When I prayed I could feel the Holy Ghost calm my racing heart. He gave me peace in a time of turmoil, and I knew that I would be okay. We can always have this hope. It was sad to see the looks of fear in others faces, and know that they don't have the same hope that I have. I wish everyone could have the Comforter to be with them always. He always does so much for us.

Late at night a siren and voice went off saying it was safe to go home. There would not be a tsunami. So for now, I am safe and well. There were a few more earthquakes the morning, but nothing as big as yesterday. My nerves are a little 'shaken' up, but I'm okay, and I know my Father in Heaven is looking out for me. 

Hermana Richardson

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