Wednesday, April 23, 2014

February 17, 2014

This week was really amazing. So hard, but so so good.

On monday night we had a noche de hogar with a family from our ward. We just started teaching two new investigators, Felipe, the best friend of Cristobal the one young man in our ward, and Julio (we call him Pato, which is duck in spanish) who is the brother of Cristobal's mom, Carol. We taught them about the Restoration. I have been trying my best to teach using the examples in Preach my Gospel. Missionary work is a little different down here in Chile, but I want to do my best to teach as the prophets and apostles have encouraged, because I know that is the Lord's way. 

We asked questions, checked for understanding, shared scriptures and bore testimony. They were so attentive and seemed to really accept everything that we taught. I had the opportunity to teach about Joseph Smith, which I always love, given my love for him and his story from all my summers in Palmyra. I explained his story, and had the amazing opportunity to recite the first vision.

 We were outside teaching at their table (we eat outside during the summer) and as I started to use the words of Joseph Smith, everything went still. Their was no wind, no noise, and no movement. Our member family, the investigators, Santiago, and Hermana Miner were all fixed on me. The spirit filled my soul, and filled the air around us, touching each person. Hermana Carol's eyes started to well with tears, and everyone else just looked intently at me, as I repeated the words of the prophet Joseph. I have never felt so strongly before in my life that Jospeh Smith truley saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost clearly tesified of this to me that night, and all who were present.

Needless to say, we have taught Felipe and Pato two more times this week, they came to stake conference, and they accepted to be baptized on the eigth of March. We are so excited for them. 

On Saturday night we had the adult session for stake conference. Every talk was on missionary work. Old and new converts spoke, as well as the stake mission leader (who is awesome!) and the stake presidency. We watched a video from CEM, a missionary trainging camp like youth conference that the youth in the Copiapò stake went to, and a mormon message about Tyler Haws, about practice, and when he left for his mission. Our missionary choir also sang. It was an amzing night, inspiring night, and we closed with Called to Serve. The congregation sang with us on the last verse, and the excitment and spirit of missionary work was so strong. There were smiles and tears and beaming faces. Simply amazing

Sunday morning was awesome too, as it was a broadcast from Salt Lake. Two elders from the seventy spoke and Elder Cook, from the quorum of the twelve apostles. I learned so much. 

The Lord knew my week would be rough, but he blessed me with so many opportunities to feel the spirit, to know that he loves me, that he is mindful of me, and that he is taking care of me. 

Much love,
Hermana Richardson

I also got to hike a mountain this morning, I will send pictures next week, as this computer does not have a place to upload. I miss hiking! I will most definitely go on the next backpacking trip with you dad :)

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