Wednesday, April 23, 2014

February 3, 2014

Another wonderful week ! Every week the work just gets better and sweeter. I was listing all the things I loved about Chile and most of them had to do with my friends that I've made here in my ward. These members are just awesome.
We had intercambios this week and I stayed in Los Pimientos. We stopped by less actives and references, which usually can mean a lot of walking, BUT we found a really receptive less active Flavia and three new investigators Viviana, Viviana, and Kristal! All three were interested and two wanted a Book of Mormon, which we promised to bring the next chance we got. However, all three were leaving for vacation within the next few days, so we couln't visit any of them, and have to wait for them to get back from Caldera, La Serena, and el Sur. 
We have been trying to focus on following the spirit more during our proselyting time and in our lessons, trying to really figure our who needs us, and then what their needs are. It's been really beautiful to see the hand of the Lord change our plans and give us better ones as we follow the subtle promptings. Many times we have just barely caught someone, or finally found a person based on certain time tables that would not have worked out had we been somewhere else or followed another route. The Lord really works bringing us to those who need us.
We had a ward activity on Friday on strengthening missionary work. And it wasn't even our activity. Santiago our powerhouse mission leader assistant planned it. He's a recent convert and is amazing. He fellowshipps like none have before, is always willing to go to lessons with us, and is always wants to help with everything in the ward. He loves everyone, and everyone really loves him. He's preparing for his mission, so we've been working a lot with him to get him ready to go. He also wants to learn English, so I've been teaching him a few things like, What's up dude?

So, as of now, all our investigators are on vacation, so we did a less active week, bringing treats and scriptures and love to our menos activos. We love so many of them, and when they give us food, we know they love us too :)
I have been studying the general conference talks from the last 2 years, and wow, there is so much that I missed! I am so glad I reveiwed and studied everything. President Monson said in one of his final testimonies that he hopes we will gain greater strength as we read these inspired talks in greater depth after they have been given. I have felt personally strengthened and enriched by reading them again and again. I challenge all of you to read as many conference magazines as you have time for, they are truley inspiring!  I hope you all have a wonderful week, look for the good things, and don't forget to give thanks to God.

Hermana Richardson

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