Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Cambio Done- December 2, 2013

Cambios! We both assumed nothing would change, but you know, right when I start getting comfortable, things just have to change. Heavenly Father is just putting me on the fast growth track apparently. Hermana Vera left today for Chañaral and I am staying and getting a new companion, Hermana Miner. I'll be picking her up from the bus station later today. 
But I'm excited for my new cambio! I'm still being trained, but I'll feel a little less new as I have to teach the sector to my new companion. Spanish is getting a little better. I'm understanding bit by bit, and can have conversations now with people. And I'm really starting to love teaching. I've been taking the lead during lessons because the training manual says I have to, but I'm really enjoying it. However, people have a hard time understanding me sometimes. Oh well, one day I'll get there. 
This week was also Thanksgiving! Hermana Vera and I had a lovely meal of chicken (because they don't really sell giant turkeys) mashed potatoes, rolls, fruity jello, and salad with apples and almonds. We sang some thanksgiving hymns, and I sang turkey land for her. She was thouroughly amused. We had a good time. 
 We had lost a few investigators to moves and other things, so we've been trying to find more people to teach. We had a lot of success this week and have some awesome people that we're teaching. Maty is doing so much better, and even yesterday as we were with him, said that thanks to us, he knew that this was the only true church! We're going to go visit him today as it is his birthday! We are also teaching Alberto a mine worker from Chile who has been praying! He hasn't received an answer, but I know he will. Cesar a painter from the DR who knows the bible really well. We have to prepare a lot to teach him. Fernando who is pretty young and really loves anime, he mentions it everytime we're together. He wants to learn english so he can read it haha. But he's super nice and really likes what we teach him. He attended a baptism on saturday and came to church and stayed the whole time! We're also working with a lot of less actives, trying to help more people make goals for the temple and families. We were really hoping our family history activity would kick start that desire. So far, we've had a good response, and this friday is the activity. I'll tell all about it next week!
We have so much work to do this week, but I'm so excited to get started! I'm really starting to love what I do. And the Lord has been helping me so much. Everyday I can feel him renewing my strength and desire when I just have none left. He's always there waiting for me to ask to renew my desire to speak more spanish and smile more. On saturday I was feeling reall uneasy about the new change, a little scared for a new companion and helping my sector without Hermana Vera. I fasted for faith and confidence to know that it will all be okay. And wonderfully the next day, my feelings of inadequecy and fright were starting to fade, being replaced with confidence and hope in the future. I understood a little more that day, and made a few contacts on my own, and talked to a lot of different people. I also got fed ice cream today (which doesn't happen a lot) so that was deffinitely a boost :) 
So, as of right now, I'm excited for what the new changes will bring, and I know that whatever happens, the Lord will bless me and help me as long as I am faithful to him. How amazing to have this knowledge in our lives. To know that we will always have our loving father right there to help us whenever we are in need. The Lord loves his children, and I love them too! Especially those in Chile :)

con mucho amor,
Hermana Richardson

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