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Feliz Navidad! December 23,2013

This has probably been one of the most interesting Chirstmas seasons I have ever had. Chileans do not start celebrating until about a week before, so only just barely have there been lights on houses and little trees in windows. But, it has been a wonderful month full of service and love and helping others feel the Chirstmas spirit. 

We finally had a lesson with Maty! He said he's just been really confused and doubtful about different aspects of his life lately. We talked about if he still wanted to talk and see if he wanted to be baptized. He said that he still needs time to think about it, but wants to continue meeting with us. At one point during our talk, we were bearing our testimonies, and I looked at him, and bore testimony that God loves his children, and the God loves him, and will always be there to help him. Everything was quiet, and I saw a a slight change in his eyes. The Spirit was so powerful in that moment, it bore witness to me that what I said was true. I know he felt it. There was a power that confirmed the truth of what I had said to him. 

We're still teaching Oscar, but due to some legal affairs he might have to wait a little while to be baptized, unless it gets cleared up. We had our lesson with Victoria and her boyfriend, and she is so prepared. She accepts everything we teach, and makes an effort to learn on her own. She's so strong and smart and I feel so privelaged to teach her. She still has to be married, which is something we'll have to talk about when she returns from her trip to Santiago. 

On both Tuesday and Wednesday night the lights in our whole sector went out (which apparently is common in the summer to save energy). Both nights we had been teaching lessons, so we taught by candle light. I felt like the early pioneer missionaries, teaching gospel truths by candle light to faithful people looking for the truth. It was a cool experience. However, when we had to walk home, it was a little scary as it was darker than usual. We had a few members call us making sure we were okay and had gotten home safely. I love our ward :)

It was an absotultly wonderful week, and the work gets better and sweeter day by day. I love being in Chile and I love bringing others the happiness that I have. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hermana Richardson

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