Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two Months-November 11

Hello my wonderful friends and family!

Oh how much I've missed my home this week. Especially when I had a hamburger on sunday! So awesome. But that was not the highlight of my week. 

 I really want to tell you all about our people. Everyone here that I love! Our investigators are pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Luis we taught my first night in the mission. He is 42 and is so sweet. I'm not sure how much he understands, because I can barely understand him. Hermana Vera said it is hard for her to understand him, so, yeah. It's fun to teach him. He is very receptive and readily agrees to do everything we ask. On Saturday night he was supposed to go to a party, but we advised him it was a bad idea as there would be temptations awaiting there. So, he asked if he could come and teach with us. Of course! It was awesome. He bought us ice cream, and helped us contact and teach a lesson. His baptism is this Saturday, so please pray for him that everything will go well! I am so excited for him, especially because I have been there with him every step of the way. 

 Then Maty, who I spoke about in my last letter. He couldn't come to church this week because he worked really late the night before, but from what I have asked from Nico his brother, he's still wanting to be baptzied. He's just awesome.
Patricia, who we call patchy, is Nico's (Maty's brother) girlfriend. One day we asked Nico why he hadn't ever invited his girlfriend of 8 months to talk to us. He wasn't sure why not, so we set up an appointment. She's a little doubtful, and said she only felt peace when she prayed. That's the spirit! We jumped into Galatians to explain that yes, that is an answer! She's been coming to church and we've had a few lessons so far, so things are going really well. I really just hope that she feels confident in her answer and that God really loves her and is looking out for her. 

We had a cool experience with María a less active. She hasn't been to church in a while because she has been really sick and feels weak. We talked further and she said that she feels as though God has abandoned her somewhat. As they were talking and I was sitting trying to understand as usual, I felt impressed to speak up. I'm not sure where it came from, but I explained out of no where that when God seems far away or we feel abandoned by God, it is not because he abandons us, it is because we move ourselves away from him. God will NEVER abandon us. She seemed a little shocked because I said it a little forcefully. Not too much, I didn't mean to, but it came out that way. But, it must have been what she needed, as to our wonderful surprise, she has come to church two weeks in a row! Oh I just love the spirit! It is so powerful and knows exactly what everyone needs. 

We have others as well that we teach, especially less actives. It is a big problem in Chile for people to be baptized, and then stop coming for whatever reason. Our ward list is HUGE! but only about ten or twenty percent attend. But I love our ward! Los Pimientos with our 50 or so members. They are adorable and I love them. There are some huge apartment buildings being built in our sector, so we're hoping that when they're finished, a ton more people will be in our limits which are rather small, and we'll have more people to teach! Because almost everyone we come in contact with has talked to or been taught by the missionaries. Literaly everyone, it's kinda crazy. So we're hoping for some new families to strengthen our ward, because I'm afraid we're going to lose some members in the coming years as everyone is fairly old. But let's hope not. 

But everything is good! I'm finally getting over my cold so hopefully I can start running again and have more energy during the day to stop sleeping during lessons. Here's hoping! I love the gospel, it is just WOW! The gospel is amazing I can't even put my thoughts into words about how much I love it. I am so excited to live it forever and ever and ever! Love you all!

Hermana Richardson

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