Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We were told to write to our families upon arriving! I am so happy because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to write until next week! Now mom can't stress about me being in Mexico City with no communication. But I won't say it's nothing to stress about. This place is completely new. As the bus drove out of the airport I was in awe. Even in the plane I couldn't believe it. This city is HUGE! I couldn't even see the end of it through the fog. It seemd to stretch on forever from my plane window. Then the city itself was crazy. Brightly colored buildings everywhere, narrow streets with no lane lines, no lights, and crazy drivers. It was so different. It is not the nice, clean, and proper Fountain Valley and Provo that I'm used to. The big bus bounced along everywhere as we would take bursts of speed at some points and suddenly stop due to congested and weirdly placed off and on ramps. The bus driver pointed things out to us and laughed at the wide eyed missionaries. I must have looked especially innocent because as we passed a fruit stand some teenage boys pointed at me, laughed and smiled, and waved. I waved back and thought about how silly I must look to the people who lived there. Also at one point we were going to a hill and the temple spire came into sight from pretty far off. The bus driver said "templo!" and made a triangle with his arms. This made me and Hermana Jackson laugh and repeat it. He laughed and we all did it together.  My flight went well. I read the Book of Mormon pretty much the whole time. I'm still trying to finish which is what I was supposed to do a little while ago... but I'm almost done. So far I like it here. The campus is beautiful. White buildings and green grass. And the weather is cool and cloudy which I very much enjoy. Well, I best be going. I need to go fill out some papers, find my house, eat today, and other such things. I love you all so much, but I can tell that I will love it here and would rather be doing nothing else! Have a lovely week!
Hermana Richardson

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